Till We Have Faces Again


This is the 1st single off my forthcoming album “Alien from an Alternate Earth”

This song will be released December 10th, 2021.

“Till We Have Faces Again” is one of the rare compositions I wrote during the pandemic that I have some affection for and feel like I’ll still want to play after all of the quarantining and masking are long in the rearview mirror.

The pandemic had the unfortunate effect of making all songs written prior to it feel somewhat alien, like relics from a bygone era when you went places and interacted with people. At the same time songs about the pandemic felt like they would have a limited shelf life, or at the very least be a bit depressing to revisit. That, and it was that much harder to write in general. At some point during the whole ordeal, though, this one sprung out of me and it strikes me as a good entry point into the set of songs that’s become the album “Alien from an Alternate Earth.”

The song title and verses allude to C.S. Lewis’ retelling of the myth Cupid and Psyche — a story I found myself thinking about in the context of the the whole shutdown mishegas. Psyche’s situation — its strangeness, her isolation, and the consequences she suffered for trying to see her paramour — all seemed to resonate.

5 December, 2021

Till We Have Faces Again

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