This Infertile Valley


This song about a place called Depression.

I wrote the lyrics to this song mostly in one sitting at Pinhole coffee in Bernal Heights. The place being described is largely derived from my imagination, though I admit the bit about the Volkswagen with a busted back axle was in part inspired by reading about the travails of songwriter Ellisa Sun as she was on an extended year long tour traveling the country by RV. There’s also a nod to my proclivity to watch history videos and read books like Jared Diamond’s “Collapse.”

The 3rd single from my forthcoming album “Alien from an Alternate Earth,” this recording features the incredible Renee Padgett on backing vocals (with an arrangement created by Kevin Seal, who also handles keys). You can hear her amazing versatility just in the span of this one track. What starts out in the 2nd verse as a simple, subtle backing harmony reminiscent of something out of the 50s transforms into gorgeous gospel-like cadences for the following chorus, lifts us into the heavens for the bridge, and then easily slips into a Bossa Nova vocalese for the final verse as the rhythm switches up.

13 February, 2022

This Infertile Valley

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