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Work hard to promote your music.

Associative Programs

We help you to promote your release and you help us to finance non-profit projects.

Solidarity Promotion

As Musician, you can use our platform for free. If you want, we help you to promote your release through playlists on our network. We promote your release through our newsletter and send it individually to all curators.

During promotional campaign, the percentage that you choose from your stream earnings will go to projects related to social inclusion of people with disabilities.

For Musicians

  • You distribute your release yourself and maintain its management with your distributor.
  • Donate the percentage that you choose from your earnings to a non-profit cause during campaing time.
  • We will promote your release for free, without fees.
  • After campaign time, you decide whether to keep donating.

For Non-Profit Causes

  • Send us your non-profit project.
  • An artist will donate a percentage from stream earnings to your cause.
  • We will promote your cause through music.
  • Receives donation directly from musician.

Our Solidarity Releases

Just by listening to these songs you are helping to finance social inclusion projects.


Send us your project and we will help you finance your cause.

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