Project Description

SubmitHub is one of the best promotional platforms for independent musicians. Both in its free and premium version, musicians can send their songs to some of the best playlists curators, influencers, labels bloggers and radios.

From Noise of Dreams, now we add to submitHub referral program. Noise of Dreams is a free promotion platform and always will be, but we are aware of the hard work involved in creating a playlist with many active listeners and followers, how difficult it is to generate a 100% organic audience. We understand that this is what we can do from here, favor the growth of curators so that they can make the leap to the professionalization of their activity through platforms such as submithub.

  1. Join to noise of dreams and reach the minimum requirements to join submitHub.
  2. If you have already obtained them. Click on our reference link and start monetizing your playlists.

  • Influencer: At least 5,000 followers who share frequently and good commitment (usually Instagram)
  • Blogs : you must have at least 1,000 fans and have more than six months (unless it appears on Hype Machine)
  • Radio : looking for stations or programs that send statistics to CMJ or similar, operate on AM / FM or can demonstrate a committed audience. University radios welcome!
  • Labels : must be established, with artists already on your list (excluding you)
  • YouTube / SoundCloud : must have at least 10,000 followers
  • Spotify : You must have at least 1,000 organic and engaged followers on your playlists. No pad or followers bought.

You cannot join SubmitHub or Noise of Dreams if you accept money in exchange for dissemination (payola)

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