My new album “Spanish & Latin Guitar” is published on all streaming portals. It’s a remaster album with a new cover. The pieces represent the typical musical idioms of the respective countries. They are central pieces in my own musical biography. Some pieces have been in my repertoire for over 35 years, such as “Retrato Brasileiro” a wonderful musical portrait of Brazil or “Danza de la Paloma enamorada” from the Argentine Andes with the pigeon in love, lovingly dancing and cooing, represented by guitar glissandi. Manuel Ponce’s wonderful “Scherzino Mexicano”, a traditional folk piece arranged in the unique musical language of the Mexican master. “Milonga del Angel”, Astor Piazzolla’s dreamlike piece, which sounds from other spheres. “Julia Florida”, the masterpiece of the Paraguayan Indian chief Barrios Mangoré. “Mallorca” the epic Spanish romantic piece by Albéniz, “Andaluza” with its Moorish sounds and the sun of Andalusia. “Aire de Joropo”, an energetic Venezuelan waltz by Antonio Lauro. Let yourself be carried away on a great journey through Spain and Latin America!

9 October, 2021

Spanish & Latin Guitar

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