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Sombras blancas

The paradoxical term sombras blancas (White Shadows) can refer to problems in life that don’t leave negative sequels or by-products. It also means: foreshadows of good things to come. And if shadows are like a mirror of our bodies (or souls), a “white shadow” reflects the luminous part of us.

Translated into everyday language: it’s about music that underlines our most positive aspects. Entertaining, but with depth.

The influence of tango music in this programme is undeniable; however, this album’s music goes far beyond tango and reveals my classical background – such as Chopin.

Casually, many of these white shadows are related to women that were or are important in my life, and not only couples or unfulfilled loves: Edelmira and Flora were my nannies in my first years of life.

Juan María Solare

Music composed by: Juan María Solare, except (01) Frédéric Chopin and (03) Chinese folksong

Album Cover: Alban Low

Mastering: Finn Halle

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6 May, 2021