‘Smile’ is the latest track by rising Canadian popstar Sofia Evangelina. Known for her
effervescent, spunky pop, with ‘Smile’ Evangelina really finds her groove. The upbeat
and impossibly catchy tune is produced by Roy Hamilton III, a multi-platinum producer known for his work with Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and Keri Hilson.
The top-level production provides the perfect backdrop for Sofia to showcase her powerhouse vocals with her five-octave range.
“Smile” is a heartwarming ode to the power of positivity… A cathartic anthem to the power of a smile.
The angelic verses and soaring choruses takes us on a journey and remind of the importance of never giving up hope and illuminates on how a simple gesture can uplift our spirit, make our day or even turn someone’s life around.

“We find the faith to carry on, when we smile”


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