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Sidereal Balance

Sidereal Balance – ambient electronic – Juan María Solare (5:17)

A tranquil, calming and peaceful piece of music. Slow-paced, no vocals, no beats. Major key.

Technically, ‘Sidereal Balance’ is a canon: one channel imitates the melody that the other channel just played (but with other sounds). I love using old structures to give form to new sounds. The idea of the canon (i.e. perpetual imitations) is associated with the idea of “balance”.

‘Sidereal Balance’ is the third track of the upcoming album “Evoking a Feeling of Contemplative Spaciousness”, being released through the British label Bliss Recordings (of the frtyfve group).

Music in the line of Brian Eno or A Winged Victory for the Sullen.

ArtWork: Ayna Custovic

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8 May, 2021