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Shapes Vol 2

hapes – Vol. 2 is a 6-track EP that forms the second part of the Shapes album. The path continues in which forms are revealed through the synaesthetic use of sounds and the alternation of stylistic influences, sometimes more classic, others more electronic or cinematic. With respect to the form, Shapes – Vol. 2, represents a symmetrical response to the first Ep with an alternation of piano pieces with electronic and layered pieces in which acoustic elements interact with electronic and paradoxical acoustics. While the inspiration, already suggested by the titles, is represented by a distillation process that from the semi-abstract forms of the first Ep reaches their incarnation embedded in the mesh of reality. The conception of the entire work stems from a double inspiration: on the one hand the Zen philosophy, often present in Liverani’s work, which in this case consists of the use of a few elements repeated in a sort of musical koan. The second inspiration is of a synaesthetic nature: it comes from the work of the Chinese photographer Fan Ho who, through light, brings out pure forms from chaos (hence the title of the album Shapes).

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18 May, 2021