Shadow of the Mandalorian: Star Wars Fan Film OST

Long ago in a studio far far away…. [well, last year in my home studio…] I was asked by director and actor Kiefer Jenkins to provide a soundtrack for his short Star Wars fan film “Shadow of the Mandalorian”. Kiefer, who played the Mandalorian in the film, specified that the score should not only resemble the music in the main Star Wars films (scored by John Williams) but also include electronic elements due to the film’s mysterious sub-tone.
I was hesitant to take on the commission at first due to lack of confidence in providing the right orchestral sound. However, as I embarked on the project I really enjoyed creating the music and make it help carry the story (which I also really liked). I am very pleased with the end result, on the film and as a standalone listening experience.
So, even if you never see the film, I hope that the music tells its own story: one of a battle between the dark side and the light side, and one of hope and redemption.
The darkness does not go on forever; the light always wins.

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