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Sense of Belonging

‘Sense of Belonging’ – ambient music, no beats (3:19). Fans of Brian Eno or A Winged Victory for the Sullen will find this #NewRelease particularly attractive. Adequate for playlist curators about reading, coding, focus, relax, chill-out, meditation.

‘Sense of Belonging’ is the human emotional need to be an accepted member of a group. “Sense of Belonging” conveys better than “Belongingness” what I try to express here: not the *fact* of belonging to something bigger than oneself, but the *feeling* of belonging.

Musically: this is a single sonority (a major chord) throughout, a drone, performed with a plethora of pleasant electronic sounds.

In the #artwork (by Ayna Custovic) the glass ball conveys the image of including its surrounding in itself, thus reflecting the idea of the title ‘Sense of Belonging’.

Trivia: this title was a good candidate to album name.

‘Sense of Belonging’ is released through the British label Bliss Recordings (@frtyfve) as part of the upcoming album “Evoking a Feeling of Contemplative Spaciousness”.

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10 June, 2021