Scrape Away The Snow


The Title, Scrape Away The snow is taken from the Brother’s Grimm fairy tale, The Golden Key. The Golden key is the tale of a boy who is sent out in the snow to find firewood. As he is searching for wood he scrapes away the snow and finds a tiny key. Sure enough, when he searches again he finds a tiny key hole which he inserts the key into and turns…The tale ends with the reader never knowing what happens after the key is turned.

To me Scrape Away the snow refers to the clearing away of all things superfluous and distracting – stress, the daily grind, ego – to reveal the real magic of life – family, love, art in all its forms, the magical mystery of music and the emotion it can convey and reveal without saying anything at all. This is the sentiment this collection of music is built around.

I have attempted to convey a representation of my music in various guises, with composed pieces existing alongside late-night improvisations never to be played again, acoustic piano, felted and not, hand in hand with analog synthesizers, tape effects and guitars.

Overall, I strive to convey a feeling, emotion, perhaps mystery over perfection and sanitisation. I hope this intention is passed on through my music to you.

5 July, 2021

Scrape Away The Snow

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