Qwiet Type // Chains

Solo artist and producer Matt Powell AKA Qwiet Type has just released his most impressive single to date with Chains.
Chains is a pop number with some of the funkiest brass riffs I’ve heard in ages. It is so uplifting and vibrant from the get go. As soon as the first blast of brass came in, I was sold. Throw in a catchy lyrical hook to accompany and we have a beaut of a tune. Qwiet Type has tickled my fancy with this one.
It’s not often we find absolute hidden gems like this from our submissions. When we do it is the best feeling ever. I think I listened to this one about four times in a row after hearing it first. Finding new breakthrough artists like this reinforces what we are trying to do here at The Sound Sniffer. It is really important that blogs are still around to give these talented people the ears they deserve starting out. If I was a radio DJ, this track would be getting a spin everyday!

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