Singer and songwriter Vincent Boot is an artist – pianist who creates his own atmosphere in contemporary music which really touches the soul.

He released his versatile debut album ‘Everything‘, which he produced with Jan van Wieringen and he wrote original Soundtracks for theatre productions.

For more then twelve years Vincent has given lots of piano gigs for weddings and other special occasions, but also private piano concerts. Now he is focused on bringing his own music live in a modern setting with synths, vocals and video.

Vincent performed and released music together with famous world star, singer and tv presenter Sandra Reemer. She represented the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest on three separate occasions and was also famous worldwide for her soul concerts.

His solo piano album ‘The Soul Flowers‘ and the special atmospheric album ‘Tales from Atlantis‘ have lots of succes on streaming services like Spotify.

Vincent also creates professional arrangements and compositions for movies, companies, advertisements, sales, documentaries, teambuilding, mindfullness, reiki, yoga and massage.

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