Oliver Nosaczynski Bohovič is a Slovak composer, multiinstrumentalist and singer/songwriter.Born in Bojnice 22.2.1992, his music journey began at the age of 10 when his parents signed him for keyboard/piano, singing and music theory lessons, although his interest in music was notable since early childhood.Early into his formal training in music school, he was a fast learner but soon felt unmotivated by the music he was supposed to play there. Around this time he started writing his first music ideas, even though they were just simple sketches.

At the age of 13, he asked his parents to buy him a classical guitar and left keyboard and piano lessons for good (only to get back to it a few years later, this time seriously).

He started playing guitar as a self-taught player, regaining his lost motivation thanks to the freedom to play what he wanted. One year later he started taking personal lessons, learning to play classical music, pop, rock and improvisation. At the age of 16 he met his idol, a renowned Slovak virtuoso guitarist Henry Tóth at his concert, after which Oliver’s father asked him for private guitar lessons, which he accepted.

Henry was impressed by Oliver’s talent and hard work and taught him a lot of valuable things he later found use for in his own music. After they parted ways at the age of 18, Oliver started writing his own music and found serious interest in Movie soundtracks and Classical music. One year later, in 2011 he began taking personal lessons from another one of his idols, a renowned Slovak guitarist, composer and artist Andrej Šeban who was teaching him guitar, music theory, composition and most importantly, taught him to really listen. Around this time, Oliver also got back to playing piano, taking it really seriously this time.After moving from Bratislava, the capital, to Banská Štiavnica, a small historical city in Central Slovakia a year later, he started to compose music extensively, inspired by the beauty of this UNESCO protected city and its surrounding nature. Here, however, he could no longer take lessons from Andrej, but instead found a new, dedicated teacher Miloš Brunclík, whose unconventional, creative methods kept Oliver’s creative flame burning.

In 2014, Oliver got his first major working opportunity as a composer, composing soundtrack for the popular online Facebook game Emporea: Realms of war & magic by a well known video game developer, Pixel Federation company. That same year, he also started playing live concerts with his original music.

In 2015, he scored the first place for the nation Slovakia in the International Ravel Association Composer’s contest in Bergamo, Italy and was chosen a Finalist in the Instrumental cathegory of the prestigious UK songwriting contest, becoming the first Slovak to reach the finals (he repeated this a year later).The same year, he was also featured in the official Piano Day playlist by Nils Frahm on SoundCloud for the first time (which he later repeated each subsequent year) and his music gained a considerable popularity there.He also started taking vocal lessons from a well known Slovak pedagogue Alena Čermáková and regained his lost confidence.

In May 2016, encouraged by the achievements from the previous year and supported by his family, he recorded his promotional multi-genre  EP album containing various genres from solo piano and guitar music, video game music to a Jazz song with his vocals. This album was never commercially released, but instead it was designated to people in music industry.Later that year in summer, he met a famous Slovak singer/songwriter Peter Nagy, who got one of these CDs and was impressed by the music, offering Oliver a collaboration on a YouTube video with his photos of a Japanese ballet dancer Aya Watanabe, using Oliver’s composition ”Ballerina” for it. By the end of the year, he once again offered Oliver a collaboration, this time asking him to do a piano re-make of his 80’s top charts radio hit ”Marcel z malého mesta” which he would later use as an opening track for each one of the concerts of his sold out “Piánko tour” 2017 & 2018.

In October 2017 he released his debut piano album ”Ballerina”. The godfathers of the album were the famous Moldavian composer Eugen Doga and the aforementioned Slovak singer/songwriter Peter Nagy who is also the author of the album’s front page artwork.”Ballerina” received very positive reviews in his home country as well as internationally. Popular Music magazine “Nový Populár” picked the album amongst the best albums of 2017 of all genres and the reviewer Kathy Parsons of the renowned American piano music website MainlyPiano.com picked the album amongst the favorites of 2018. The album has since become popular amongst listeners from all around the world, on streaming services such as Spotify or SoundCloud

Oliver is currently working on his upcoming acoustic guitar EP ”Ode to the Sea” planned for spring 2019 and on his new piano album, scheduled for late 2019/early 2020.



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