Mathieu Karsenti is a multi award-winning music composer as well as a musical director, music producer, songwriter, mixing engineer and vocal coach. As well as releasing his own music he has composed for film, TV and stage with over 20 years’ experience of making music. Over time, he has developed a distinctive language: contrapuntal, rhythmic and multi-layered.

He has studied music production and engineering at Pointblank college London, Composing for Film and TV and theory at Berklee College of Music online and orchestration at the Hollywood Music Orchestration Workshop with Conrad Pope in Vienna, Austria.

Under his company Intricuts music, Mathieu has composed and produced music for successful prime-time TV shows for BBC, CBBC, Cbeebies, BBC3, ITV1-2, Channel 4, SYFY, Bravo and Sky1 for top production companies as well as for UK celebrities. Under his own name he has scored original music for festival nominated and prized independent short films, feature films, corporate videos and documentaries.Since early 2017, Mathieu has released his own independent material away from picture as a way to showcase his composing voice further. These ‘cinematic’ neo-Classical releases have rapidly gained appreciation on blogs, magazine interviews and online reviews. His explorations are presented as ‘musical tableaux’ with a focus on inventive orchestral colours and modern contrapuntal motifs.

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