Born in 1985, at the age of five she began studying violin and graduated from theConservatory of music of Verona in 2006. Thanks to her classical studies, at fifteen she launched her career with concerts performing in a violin-piano duo, string quartet, chamber and symphony orchestras in Italy, France, Spain and Norway, collaborating with prestigious artists such asSergei KrylovandAldo Ceccato.

After her Jazz specialization, she began to experiment with a wide variety of contemporary musical styles which she developed in various musical projects.

She foundedLe Maschere di Clara, an experimental violin-drums-piano trio whichcombines classical and alternative music with original compositions. The trio has releasedfour albums (Ep 23, 2009, with Jestrai Records; Lp Anamorfosi, 2010, with Black Widow;Lp L’Alveare, 2013, with Musical Materials; Ep Lynch, 2015, with Ghost Factory Records).

In 2012 the group won the “Modena 29 Settembre” Contest and the German magazine Baby blaue Seiten defined them as best emerging Italian group in Europe.Over the years she has collaborated as a session musician as well as participating in liveconcerts with internationally renowned artists including John Bonnar, Patty Pravo andAndrea Bocelli. In 2017 she recorded as first violin with the orchestra Come ti vedono gli altri, a tribute toLuigi Tenco with arrangements byMauro Ottolini.

In the same year she recorded the soundtrack for the movie Gli Asteroidi by GermanoMaccioni, with arrangements byLorenzo Esposito Fornasari, distributed by IstitutoLuce Cinecittà in selection at the International competition of the Locarno Film Festival. In 2014 she was selected as solo violinist for the show starring Claudio Bisio “Father andSon, based on the bestseller “Gli Sdraiati” by Michele Serra, directed by Giorgio Gallioneand with music by Paolo Silvestri. The preview was presented at the Ravenna Festival andin 2015, 2016 and 2018 the show toured Italy and Switzerland with more than 190 dates insome of the most prestigious theaters including the Teatro Argentina in Rome, the TeatroStrehler and Arcimboldi in Milan and the Teatro Goldoni of Venice. In 2015 she collaborated withLorenzo Masottofor the single-track Pierrot, released onModerna Records.

In 2018 she composed the original soundtrack of the video installation created by Duae Collective titled Pattern for a Relationship, which is part of the project “Besos” and exhibited at Fabra i Coats Contemporary Art Center in Barcelona.In the same year she took part with Lorenzo Masotto to the first edition of InterazioniFestival, dedicated to Italian modern-classical music.Her first solo album Firefliesis a collection of compositions performed live with the use of a looper which allows her to accompany her melodies independently. The album was released on the 3d of April 2019 on Lady Blunt Records and it was presented with Sofar Sounds in Los Angeles in January 2019.

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