With a highly inventive, imaginative, and expressive style that captivates the mind and heart with equal strength, John Clark’s neo-psychedelic approach to music is bound to leave a long-lasting impression. Through wildly adventurous and ambitious ideas that explore the limitless potential of all kinds of genres and music, John creates genuine art through an extraordinary fusion of true skill and pure sound. Embracing the bizarre every bit as much as the beautiful, the impressively organic sound of John’s vivid and vibrant music contains textures that feel real enough to reach out and touch, with dynamic and versatile elements that curiously float right from the speakers and into the soul. Designed stylistically for bold contrast to thrive, haunting melodies to blossom and creativity to enter uncharted areas of music in an effort to compose sonic structures that sincerely keep listeners guessing just as much as entertained – John Clark is an enigmatic performer and an artist with an authentic penchant for the aural experience. Endlessly creative, focused on the dream, and dedicated to the art – John tirelessly pursues uniqueness in his music and through his stunning attention to detail, he captures the essence and spirit of sound while advancing and evolving experimental ideas into something so much more. Each album has documented the process of an artist unafraid of the journey to the center of himself – but perhaps what’s most important, is that John Clark is willing to share what he finds there, with you. Always ready, willing, and able to connect through the music he makes, the real magic of John Clark’s sound is in the way that it resonates right at our very core, like it’s always been a part of us, all along.

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