Sketches of a Lockdown

Experimental layers of old pianos, ambient synths and avant-garde strings paint an intimate picture of life during the pandemic.

Written, performed and produced by Pablo J. Garmon entirely at his home near Geneva, the Spanish composer uses his own experience as an outsider stuck inside to put music to the contradiction of isolation in a world where everything is connected.

‘Sketches of a Lockdown’ is primarily a dialogue between pianos, a polyrhythmic discourse where low-fi effects turn into ripples and textural strings become the sound of respirator masks. Starting as a series of improvisations at the piano, each piece of music is based on a different perspective on the pandemic, from the slowing of time to the fear of loss, the exploration of longing and the noise of empty streets.

The ever-blurring lines between our digital and physical lives become an active part of a music work where even the tactile sound of piano keys and the wooden creak of a chair is somehow synthesised, processed and digitalised. As in this lockdown, some of the most arresting and intriguing moments come from our redefinition of what is real — and why it matters.

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5 November, 2020