Freedoms Trio II

World jazz rock featuring three continents through Steinar Aadnekvam (acoustic nylon guitar / Norway) Rubem Farias (electric & uppsight bass / Brasil) Deodato Siquir (drums/vocals / Mozambique). This is the groups second album, following concerts worldwide. Recorded on the island of Gotland, Sweden, for Norwegian label; Losen Records.

Partial liner notes by guitarist Robben Ford: ” had the pleasure of sitting in with ‘Freedoms Trio’ not long ago at a festival in Europe. I had heard them play the night before and really enjoyed them. Playing with them was a ball. This new recording is evidence of a steady progression. Their music is both complex and joyful, full of passion and energy. Not only do you hear amazing guitar playing from Steinar Aadnekvam, but equal musicianship from drummer Deodato Siquir and bassist Rubem Farias. Plus they have a natural synergy which can be rare, especially when the musicians are so accomplished individually. People should hear ‘Freedoms Trio’ . Gives you hope.”

// Following the release of this album the band, known as ‘Freedom’s Trio’, have been selected to perform several prestigious showcases, namely Jazzahead Overseas Night i Bremen, the NAMM Show in California and APAP New York 2020. //

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11 October, 2020