Spotify Country Mix

Country, Americana and Roots Country, Anericana, Folk and Roots musicCurated by: Playlist   

Rock XXI

Emerging and independent rock bands. A collection of active musicians with a great projection and capacity to continue growing. Curated by Noise of Dreams ExcitingCurated…

Guitar Heroes

The best guitar heroes and their best instrumental tracks! Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, George Benson, Frank ZappaCurated by: PA74…

Dirty School

Alternative,Grunge,Dirty Rock! Papa Roach, Blitz Union, P.O.D., Guano ApesCurated by: PA74 Music 

Gothic Angel

Dark and Light in gothic romantic playlist! The Darker Side of the Love The 69 eyes, Avril Lavigne, Blackmore’s Night, Delain, NikotripCurated by: PA74 Music 

Rock songs of all time

This is a mix of great rock songs and indie music. Different moods; Artist in this playlist are Artic Monkeys, The beatles, Cold play, Nothing…

American Style

The best Playlist in real american music style!! Country, Folk, Americana, Bruce Springsteen, Cherry Suede, Ruins Barren,Tom PettyCurated by: PA74 Music 

Heat The Engine

Rock, Metal, Alternative & Guitar Oriented songs. More powerful, More Faster, More Energetic.. Guitar Oriented, Powerful, Faster, Energic, LEVARA, Stranger Vision, Byron NemethCurated by: PA74 Music 

Girl Power

Women in Music. Singer, songwriter, women’s empowerment, independence, confidence and strength. Womens Power, Independence, Gossip, Hole, Joan Jett, Sabrina Sayed, Malene Markussen, Sarita LozanoCurated by: PA74…

Ouça Brasil

A seleção das melhores musicas de língua portuguesa da atualidade. Atualizada semanalmente!      

WMA & Company

A playlist full of songs from bands local to me and other friends, as well as my band Without My Addiction. Flint Moore, Without My…

Best of Indie Prog and Jazz Rock

Prog Rock, Jazz Rock, Great and Indie Artists like Frank Zappa, Klaatu, The Omnific, Abstract Deviation, Echoes and and others Prog Rock, Jazz Rock, Great…

Best of Indie Prog Rock

Indie artist from all over the world on the prog rock genre, artists included: Osanna, Itzamna, Alphataurus, Virtuel, Himmelgrans, Charlie Carr, Konstantin Jambazov, Locanda delle…

Amazing Indie Rock Songs

Curated by: Agustin Tagliabue Discover The most Amazing Indie Rock Songs from all over the world

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