Study Beats

Beats music to study or work. Lo-Fi music. Relax, chillCurated by: Raphael Beaudon 

Lo-Fi Step

https://A careful selection of sounds and to relax you. Peaceful and chill lo-fi. Music for Sleep, Relax, Study, Focus and Work. Follow for updates ♡…

Lo-Fi Focus

Modern Lo-Fi to Relax and Focus RelaxCurated by: Noise of Dreams 

Lo-Fi Connection

The best Chill Hop, Lo-Fi Selection to Study, Relax,Focus, Work. Lo-Fi, Study, Relax, Focus, WorkCurated by: PA74 Music 

Groove Harvest

Turn your brain into a jellyfish. Deep atmospheric ambient grooves, IDM, EDM, Chillstep, Lo-fi, Future, Dub… Tyrrer, Liquidmemoirs, Keosz, whatsoul?, Lorn,Curated by: Tone Harvest 

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