All genre are accepted chill energic instrumental acoustic electronic downtempoCurated by: Marco Falcone 

Keys & Strings

Music including keys (piano,Synth) AND string instruments(Guitar,Violin,Cello…) high quality music, any genre that fits criteriaCurated by: Jürg Kindle 

Calm Guitar

Calm and relaxing guitar music Calm, RelaxingCurated by: Marc Vliegen   

Calm Piano

Calm and relaxing piano music Calm and relaxingCurated by: Marc Vliegen   

Moolight Relaxing Music

Follow my new playlist for calm and relaxing music, piano, guitar… submissions here. Piano, Guitar, calm and relaxing music…Curated by: EDUARDO GUTIÉRREZ 

2021 Musica para Renacer

Music for being reborn, new energy for this restart, listen and enjoy the character of this music selected for you energized,solid, classical and contemporary intrumental…

Everyday Piano

New playlist of neo classic and crossover Piano songs Fabian Audisio, sigvard, Michelle nobler, blomqvisy, Bart sunshine, etc.Curated by: Fabian audisio 

Siempre Piano

2 hours of neoclassical and crossover piano music from global pianists. Updated. Fabian Audisio, Bart sunshine, Guilherme veroneze, etcCurated by: Fabian Audisio 

Piano Plus

This playlist is reserved for works that showcase the piano in combination with other instruments, whether that be solo instruments, orchestral instruments, duos, trios, quartets,…


Soothing and contemplative chillout/meditation songs for a seaside getaway. ChillCurated by: Heart Dance Records 

Peaceful Piano and Guitar

Relax, unwind and have a glass of wine Relaxing, Downbeats, Lance Allen, Mattia Greggio, Melany Thompson, HomeGrown Ed, Hans Zimmer…Curated by: Playlist 

Christmas Love and Peace

Beautiful instrumentals for a peaceful and joyous Christmas. Chill, Calming, Sentimental featuring Joseph Nimoh, Martèn LeGrand, Ryan Marvel, Greg Maroney, Karen Biehl…Curated by: Sharon Chen 

Piano Dreams

Study, Work, Relax, Piano for Kids. Anindependent pianist selection with the greatest musical projection and the best career expectatios. DreamsCurated by: Noise of Dreams 


Instrumentals and Songs related to EARTH RootsCurated by: Jürg Kindle 


Instrumentals and Songs related to AIR FlyingCurated by: Jürg Kindle 


Instrumentals and Songs related to FIRE livelyCurated by: Jürg Kindle 

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