cinematic piano

Piano songtracks or that could be. Enio Morricone, Yann Tiersen, Guilherme Veroneze, Rob Simonsen, Ludovico Einaudi, Philip Glass.Curated by: Guilherme Veroneze 

Cinematic Piano

Stories told through Piano. Perfect compositions to let you go out and dream. CinematicCurated by: Noise of Dreams 

Epic Soundtracks

A selection of Epic music and essential soundtracks. 🎬 constantly updated. EpicCurated by: Noise of Dreams 

Cinematic Moments

Inspirational Cinematic Music. CinematicCurated by: Noise of Dreams 

Piano, Strings and Movies

This is a playlist for epic cinematic songs mixed in with some solo pianos. Epic, Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Ante’ Svircic, Thomas Newman, Ramin DjawadiCurated…

Cinematic Adventure (Reading)

Soundtrack your journey with calm cinematic sounds. ambient, relaxing, adventurous, chill, cinematicCurated by: Joshua Naranjo 

Thoughts Play (Creative Inspiration)

Where thoughts, feelings and discoveries can be explored. Inspiring instrumentals and cinematic scores. ambient, cinematic, contemplation, inspirational,Curated by: Joshua Naranjo 

Epic Fantasy Soundtrack

Epic Fantasy Soundtack presented by Epic, fantastic, emotionalCurated by: Joran Elane 

Soundtracks and Cinematic Music

The ever-growing collection of original movie and documentary soundtracks and cinematic music for reading, studying and dreaming. 60 hours playlist with more than 1.000 original…


A playlist filled with the greates cinematic songs. Epic, ambient, strings, moviesCurated by: ZAMAR Playlists 

Film music

Soundtrack Film and TV Musics : Danny Elfman, John Williams, Hans Zimmer… Hans Zimmer, John Williams, Danny ElfmanCurated by: Raf21 

Fantasy Adventure

A world where Fantasy and Adventure meet in total harmony! No submissions needed. Adventureous Fantasy music for all moods! A list with music by Karl…

Another world is waiting for us

I believe there is another world waiting for us. A better world. And I’ll be waiting for you there. This is the soundtrack we hear…

Emotional Soundtrack

The best emotional cinematic music Ennio Morricone, Vangelis, Hans zimmerCurated by: Madame Madness 

Piano for Cinema

Excellente intimate piano pieces that create a cinamtic atmosphere and cinema / movie moods. Nostalgia, cinema, piano motive, movies, melancholia, preisner, satie,Curated by: Karl Prybyloski 

Emotional sonor frames

Cinematic and epic tracks known or to be discovered! Lisa Gerrard, Vangelis, Kepa Lehtinen,Curated by: Andrea Soru 

Epic RPG Gaming Music

Best Epic Music for Film & Gaming John Williams, Apollo Productions, Two Steps from Hell, John Powell, Howard Shore, Hans ZimmerCurated by: Jean Paul 

Flying Music in Movies

Close your eyes and let your imagination take wing! Soundtracks describing flying scenes in various movies. John Williams, John Powell, Hoard Shore, Elsyium Fields, Project…

Fantasy & Fairies

A collection of relaxing fantasy music to stir the imagination John Williams, John Powell, Hoard Shore, Elysium Fields, Two Steps from Hell, Apollo ProductionsCurated by: Project…

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