Ambient Oasis

Ambient ethereal music sampler to help with stress, sleeping, working, relaxing, and reconnecting with oneself. Sit back and relax. Perfect for massage therapy, meditation, and…

Quiet Yoga Music

Quiet, dreamy and calm tracks. Perfect for yoga and meditation. Get your inner peace here 🙏 ambient, quiet, soft, relaxCurated by: Magnus Murel 


Background meditation. 🧘 Follow for updates CalmCurated by: Noise of Dreams 

Ice Cold Ambient

An Ambient journey through Winter wonderlands and ice cold wastelands. A mix between uplifting and dark music. Press shuffle for the best experience. Mood: relaxing,…

Ambient Collection

Another worlds to visit. Curated for sleep, study, focus & relaxation. Packed full of the most beautiful Ambient based tracks I discover, sometimes experimental. Updated…

Ambient Guitar Vol.1

Ambient Guitar Songs I || Soundscapes and Drones || Ph by Simon Weisser Ambient GuitarCurated by: Francesco Nicola Perra 

Ambient Piano Songs

|| Sweet and soothing piano songs || A playlist to fly away in your memories || Ph by Ebuen Clemente Jr. Piano, relax, chill, dreamy,…

Ambient Selection

A collection of Ambient Music where the listener is accompanied by the harmony and melody of the songs. The classic Ambient genre accompanied by the…

Relaxing Tunes

|| ♩♫ Peaceful ♩♫ Meditative ♩♫ Calming Music || Soothing and relaxing tunes for your chill moments || Melodías relajantes y relajantes para tus momentos…

Layers of Momentary Drones

Short, warm and infinite. A perfect selection of short drone ambient tracks for the tired souls. ∞ Short and warm drone tracks to help you…

ambient piano

Peaceful selection of piano songs for concentration and relaxation. Piano for relax and concentration. Featured Guilherme Veroneze, Fabian Audisio, Peter Sandberg, Ron Adelar, Angela Tursi…

Ambient Focus

Music to induce calm and a space to think. FocusCurated by: Noise of Dreams 


|| Ambient and Instrumental Music to meditate and relax your mind || Ph by Justin Kauffman Soundscapes, Dream, meditationCurated by: Francesco Nicola Perra 

Sleep Music

Music to sleep || music to dream || The best playlist to relax your mind and fly away thru the waves of your dreams ||…

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