Acoustic & Chill

A playlist featuring music that is primarily acoustic and entirely instrumental. Great for relax, study, focus, music therapy, etc… Dustin Hanusch, Lance Allen, Glenn RothCurated…

New Country Music

Selection of country music from all over the world, including both popular and new songs. You’ll find artists such as Morgan Wallen, Rascal Flatts, Gabby…

Relaxing Acoustic Guitar

|| Acoustic Guitar Soundtracks for your dreams in a peaceful night || Ph by Allef Vinicius Acoustic, chill, relax, peacefulCurated by: Francesco Nicola Perra 

Americana with sugar, pls

Sweet sound for a calm mood and a dreamy evening. Filip Karol, country, americana, tranquilityCurated by: Filip Karol 

Aition Radio – Acoustic Guitar Impressions

Instrumental impressionism acoustic guitar jazz flamenco chill relax calm focus concentrate study music improvisation ballads inspiring classical impressionistic meditations images neoclassical Calming, relaxing, inspiring, chill,…

Acoustic Feelings

Acoustic and Intimate mood, to listen in front of the fireplace. Intimate, Calm, Love, Felicia Green, Kina Grannis, jason mraz, Yerachmiel, Kris WoodbirdCurated by: PA74 Music 

Acoustic Guitar Tranquility

Acoustic and Classical guitar instrumentals, nice mix of peaceful, meditative, calming; new releases, originals and covers. Great background music for parties, relaxing, work, or study.…

Good Acoustics – Music from the Heart

Some of the best acoustic fingerstyle guitar music for relaxing, studying, and deep listening. Don Latarski, chill, Darin Mahoney, Sherry Finzer, Ken VerheeckeCurated by: Heart Dance…

Acoustic Paintings

#NeoClassical #NewAge #SoloInstruments #Instrumental Featured Michelle Qureshi, Lise Jonsson, Secret Garden, Andy Salvanos, Karen Biehl, Sharon Chen and many more….Curated by: Lise Jonsson 


A playlist filled with relaxing acoustic instrumentals. Peaceful, relaxing, solo piano, solo guitarCurated by: ZAMAR Playlists 


Peaceful, relaxing guitar tunes. Relaxing, peaceful, solo guitarCurated by: ZAMAR Playlists 

Ouça Brasil

A seleção das melhores musicas de língua portuguesa da atualidade. Atualizada semanalmente!      

Acoustic Monday

I thought of this playlist to start the week with sweetness. I preferred music and songs that can keep company, even with a little joy.…

Global Hits

Don’t forget to follow me before you submit your song Ed Sheeran, JP Cooper, James TW, Lewis CapaldiCurated by: Léo Castro 

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