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Today we start this blog with the desire to continue supporting all the independent musicians who are already part of this network. It has been 24 months of hard work, creating playlists, developing the platform, contacting each of the users of the web and thousands of other musicians who have contributed to make Noise of Dreams what we know today.

Along the way, since we started with the forgotten Less Records that some of you may remember, there have been many changes, sometimes we have been wrong and sometimes we have been right, but if the work has been constant is because we have always received positive feedback from all of you.

Our goal has always been to try to organize a free artist promotion system, based on Spotify playlists curated by independent artists and labels, now joined altruistically by music lovers. As musicians, we are the first ones interested in appearing in as many playlists as possible, but sometimes, market mechanisms invite us to pay exaggerated amounts of money for the benefits we get.

Noise of Dreams Network emerges as a collaborative project to share works of emerging and independent artists. The musical works promoted by Noise of Dreams have in common the commitment to artistic quality, taking as a reference the idea that “less is more”. You can find from classical music to avant-garde, ambient, new age, soundscapes, field recordings and experimental music.

In the last two years, more than 900 musicians have registered on our website, sharing more than 900 playlists and 1400 publications. Noise of Dreams has become a great community of music professionals.

From Noise of Dreams, we offer the platform as a free support and promotion for artists and small independent labels. We listen carefully to each of the proposals we present, and as music supervisors and playlist curators, we offer high quality content.

If you are an audiovisual producer, filmmaker, film school, record label, producer, composer, music manager, music distributor, music school or concert hall, you are invited to participate in our project.

As a community, we have reached a great potential as music promoters, since its inception, Noise of Dreams has been committed to raise awareness and support programs for the inclusion of people with disabilities. That has been our discourse together with the one of making music known from a collaborative project.

In Noise of Dreams we believe that music is a universal art, a communication channel that connects people regardless of their physical or intellectual condition. We want people with functional diversity to find in Noise of Dreams a platform that helps them to give visibility to their demands as citizens, and that is one of the objectives of this blog.

It is essential that a developed society of the 21st century knows how to live on an equal footing with any person, and that this society provides the human and material means for people with disabilities to have the same opportunities. As musicians, we can contribute with our speeches to form a society committed to equality, inclusion and diversity.

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