Pathways for Night-Walkers

Aἲτιοn is a pseudonyme of producer and composer Lasse Lindgren from Helsinki, Finland. Lindgren has been active during the years as a member of post-jazz group Oddarrang. Aἲτιοn´s debut album Pathways for Night-Walkers is a collaboration project between Lindgren and medieval singer and harpist Aino Peltomaa (Harmony of the Spheres, Ensemble Gamut!, ka:mos). Aἲτιοn combines ancient and modern influences in a unique way. The music of Aἲτιοn gets its inspiration from the sounds of darkwave, post-punk, industrial rock, post-metal, medieval music and dungeon synth, taking the listener on a journey to another dimension through time and space. The album is a roadmap for travellers taking a journey through the night by moonlight. The travellers pass through tumultuous streams, vast seas, a scorching desert and ruins of abandoned cities. The lyrics of the songs are taken from original ancient Greek manuscripts, which contain words by philosophers Heraclitus and Parmenides, as well as Biblical Greek texts of the Septuagint.

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17 December, 2020