Ad 21 is a Record Label and public relations agency for the music industry, specializing in contemporary and modern classical music. In 1998 it was founded by Bruno Sanfilippo as a personal platform/label for some of his albums. In the year 2014, we extend the arrival of ad21 to the press and public, it goes from being exclusively a personal record label to a marketing and management platform.


Featuring Lionel Scardino, Barbara Graff, Ian Wong, Shoshana Michel, and more other amazing artists. Neoclassical, Piano Solo, Ambient, and calm music predominate this playlist to let your mind enter in a relaxing world.

Chill, piano, neoclassical, ambient, instrumental, relax

Soothing instrumentals in any style (beatless) – the best of ambient, piano, guitar etc. Also updated on Apple Music and Deezer.

Beautiful piano pieces of modern composers. Featuring Michael Nyman, Yann Tiersen,Ólafur Arnalds, Max Richter, Ludovico Einaudi, Joep Beving, Nils Framh and many more.

My personal collection of amazing and dreamy piano tracks from talented composers around the world. Relax and enjoy. If you want to suggest more songs, please contact me through my artist page (Link over Name)

Featuring Lionel Scardino, Barbara Graff, and Kevin Kerrigan. Learn to love and enjoy these solo piano tracks, made to exist for.

A collection of uplifting songs about hope, faith and perseverance.

Different composers’ views and feelings about the sea. Only instrumental music.
I would like to contribute to this interesting music sharing site.

How much can a contemporary musician tell in just 1 minute… or less? New entries go on top, periodical rotation to grant better exposure for each artist in list 😉

Study, Meditate, & Relax to these instrumental Guitar tracks, Acoustic and Electric. Lance Allen, Denis Turbide, Tommy Berre, Aaron Flemming, Tom Ellenhag, Kyle McEvoy, Realizer, Andrew York, Brice Mullins, Maneli Jamal, etc.

A collection of beautiful works that will inspire you, like being surrounded by good friends, to a place of focus and unity within yourself.

Uniquely curated to embellish any romantic situation. These tracks will give you and your partner the theme of your lives. Fully instrumental as not to intrude these tracks will move you emotionally without taking control of the mood.

Piano music composed and performed by the most important contemporary pianists and composers, like Keith Jarrett, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Nils Frahm, Dustin O’Halloran, Giovanni Renzo, Bruno Sanfilippo and many others.

An immersive experience in neo-classical music, like a reconnection with nature.

Meditative, relaxing piano to help you unwind from daily life. Put your feet up, pour something warming into a glass, close your eyes, and let today’s finest contemporary piano artists soothe away your troubles.

Guitarra minimalista acústica para relajarte, leer, concentrarte o para la hora de dormir.

Best Sword & Sorcery Soundtracks (Fantasy, Epic, Magic, Dungeons & Dragons). Conan, Red Sonja, King Arthur, Excalibur, The Beastmaster, Dragonheart, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, …

Peaceful, Summer themed New Age Contemporary solo piano music, perfect for study, focus, relax and to fall asleep by.

Peaceful, Spring themed New Age Contemporary solo piano music, perfect for study, focus, relax and to fall asleep by. Featuring artists Robin Spielberg, David Nevue, David Lanz, Isaac Shepard, Brian Crain, Shoshana Michel & more.

Guitar framed by beautiful ambient soundscapes from hand-picked artists you should hear.

Close your eyes, turn out the light, RELAX. Earthy and ethereal. DREAM follow…. Enigma, Moby, George Michael, Dave Stewart, Robert Miles, Vangelis, Jean Michel Jarre, Fiona Joy Hawkins, Wivajoy and more.

Piano solo best world music featuring Ludovico Einaudi, Yiruma, Yann Tiersen, George Winston and selected indipendent artist.

A collection of the most interesting “Modern Piano Instrumentals” out there. Often updated with new music. Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and Youtube Music. To listen while reading, painting, dreaming and living. The Piano Keys are black and White but this Collection of Modern Piano instrumentals will blow your mind of beautiful colours.

The very best of minimal piano. Features composers, Max Richter, Yann Tiersen, Martin Stock, Dustin O’Halloran, Joep Beving, Philip Glass, Chad Lawson, Peter Sandberg as well as new and upcoming artists composing in the minimal style

Music for Meditation, Relaxation, Sleep or Yoga practices. Exquisite mix of acoustic and electronic listening choices. Includes some extended tracks. Healing / Spa / Health

Raccolta di brani fingerstyle e fingerpicking con chitarre acustiche, dobro, weissenborn e Dulcimer.
| Collection of fingerstyle and fingerpicking songs with Acoustoc Guitars and related instruments.

🎹 Study, Focus, Sleep, Relax. 🎹

The very best of beautiful contemporary new age piano solos to STUDY, FOCUS, FALL ASLEEP and RELAX TO. 🎹

Unusual and exotic instruments, interesting duets, or a blend of acoustic and electronic sounds. Music to take you somewhere else. (Preferably not solo piano or guitar).

Chill solo piano to help you fall asleep and rest through the night.

Acoustic guitar masters creating magic for the ear! If you love guitar instrumentals, this playlist will keep you thrilled and coming back for more!

Collection of piano stories told by modern composers (indie & famous) hand picked by Victor Gashnikov.

Relaxing instrumental music sure to drift you off to sleep. Featuring artists: Peter Kater, 2002, Deuter, Liquid Mind, Nadama, Michelle Qureshi, Fiona Joy Hawkins, Jennifer DeFrayne, Michael Brant DeMaria, Heidi Breyer, Sherry Finzer, Robert Linton, and more.

Musik zum Tagträumen, Music for daydreaming, Sueños, 白日夢, 白昼夢, Devaneios, 백일몽 … Let the music speak!

Best rumble mix is here, Post Malone,Calvin Harris,Lizzo, | Rumble Music | Dance mix 2019 | Fitness Music 2019 | POWERFUL MUSIC MIX | EDM Mix | Popular EDM 2019 |BEST HIP HOP MIX|POP MIX.

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A selection of contemporany jazz musicians. Smooth jazz, Cool jazz & Mellow jazz. For all audiences, for all places.

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