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We have worked in recent years to delve into new digital marketing strategies, our perception is that sometimes, one of the most affected agents in the industry, is once again the independent musician. We make all our experience and our work network available to independent musicians and labels for free, with the aim of continuing to grow, and expand the possibilities of join promotion of our network and favor the growth of our brand and music label.

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noiseofdreams.org is a collaborative project founded by Noise of Dreams to share works by emerging and independent artists. The musical works promoted by Noise of Dreams Network have in common the commitment to artistic quality in relation to minimalism, taking as reference the idea that “less is more”. You can find from Classical music to Avant-Garde, Ambient, New Era, Soundscapes, Field Recordings and Experimental Music. We also offer free support to independent artists of all genres through our social profiles and Noise of Dreams playlist.

Noise of Dreams Playlists

Noise of Dreams

Lo-Fi Ambient

Followers: 859

A careful selection of sounds and to relax you. Peaceful and chill lo-fi. Music for Sleep, Relax, Study, Focus and Work. Follow for updates ♡

Noise of Dreams

Jazz For Humans

Followers: 106

A contemporany independent jazz musicians selection And others classics. For all audiences, for all places.

Noise of Dreams


Followers: 162

Background meditation. 🧘 Follow for updates

Noise of Dreams

Cinematic Piano

Followers: 116

Stories told through Piano. Perfect compositions to let you go out and dream.

Noise of Dreams

World Sounds

Followers: 68

Fingerstyle, Classical, Jazz Guitar & World Music

Noise of Dreams

Rock XXI

Followers: 45

Emerging and independent rock bands. A collection of active musicians with a great projection and capacity to continue growing. Curated by Noise of Dreams

Noise of Dreams

Lo-Fi Focus

Followers: 138

Modern Lo-Fi to Relax and Focus

Modern Classical
Noise of Dreams

Classical Relax

Followers: 200

Perfect background music for relaxing and studying. 100% Independent. Follow for updates ♡

Noise of Dreams

Epic Soundtracks

Followers: 129

A selection of Epic music and essential soundtracks. 🎬 constantly updated.

Noise of Dreams

Cinematic Moments

Followers: 115

Inspirational Cinematic Music.

Noise of Dreams

50 Hot – Relax

Followers: 46

the 50 most recent songs received by Noise of Dreams. A fast and dynamic playlist from where new releases boost.

Noise of Dreams

Global Indie Selection

Followers: 105

Una selección de músicos independientes de alcance global. Descubre nuevos talentos en nuestra playlist.

Noise of Dreams

Ambient Focus

Followers: 155

Music to induce calm and a space to think.

Noise of Dreams

Experimental Sounds

Followers: 99

The most original sound art. Beyond sound exploration and abstract soundscapes. Explore the inner worlds floating in the imagination of experimental Ambient music producers.

Modern Classical
Noise of Dreams

Piano Dreams

Followers: 198

Study, Work, Relax, Piano for Kids. Anindependent pianist selection with the greatest musical projection and the best career expectatios.

Modern Classical Piano
Noise of Dreams


Followers: 292

Renowned composers and new independent talents. Piano / Relax / Romantic / Música de Fondo / New Age / Sleep / Piano for Kids

“We believe that the art progress and artist recognition are based on collective work. So when we refer to Noise of Dreams, we do so as a collective artist”.

-Noise of Dreams-