“Piano music for recovering and joy, just as the night”

I’m following up my heart-felt series from Breathing Underwater with my next EP with another four new tracks. The cover track is “Nox” and on the album it’s present in two versions: Nox (Graceful) and Pax (Nox Tranquil). The first one is more bright and playful, and the latter one shorter and more laid back.

This music is about love, life, and death, light and darkness. It’s about being human, and still the roaring animal within. The thunder in my heart and the sunset in my dreams. It’s not just about a track or an album, it’s about being the vessel that is carried by the music. It’s also about me. And you!

A soft, soothing, slightly sensual and playful piano piece, my tribute to the night and how it affects us in so many ways. Slightly brighter than my last EP. I hope you’l love it!