Hey everyone! So as you know my hobby is music making – and I have been trying to strike out in a more professional direction in that avenue so I have been uploading a lot of my music to Spotify – I have made hundreds over the years so I am slowly remastering them and uploading them!

My latest album is called “The Final Fantasy” – it consists of 21 songs that I have remastered from songs I made between 2003 and 2015, with one new song from 2019 – lots of reverb, very immersive – hope you enjoy!

You can find it in this playlist here:

Before that I submitted 3 albums – one was way back in 2015 of a lot of my original songs, but it was on another distributor I am trying to move away from. Thus I have since sumitted 2 more albums under my current distributor, Dittomusic, One is a remastered album and the other is a nightcore album:

And I submitted a few EPs as well from various standalone videogames I remixed or covered songs from with not enough songs for a full album – one is tales of symphonia, and the other is bramble blast from donkey kong:

And various singles, you can find them all on my artist page which you can follow if you are on spotify:

And for ease of listening I have compiled every song I have ever made into one playlist – which you can follow and listen to here:

So what is spotify? Spotify is currently the biggest music streaming program in the world. It’s free to download and use, although if you don’t pay for premium you will get ads and the songs won’t be full quality – it’s only 10 dollars a month for premium though and the first 3 months are free!

Basically the artist gets paid by how many times their songs are streamed. They get streamed by spotify suggesting new songs to them, and most importantly, by their songs getting added to playlists! Playlists are very important on spotify.

Spotify is great because like youtube just by listening to a musician you are helping them get paid! Mind you it’s only like .08 cents a song but it adds up 🙂

So my big thing is to try to increase my follow base, so if you use spotify, or are a spotify staffer (I know you guys are on here! 😉 please add me, follow me, and add my songs to your playlists!

The rest of you sign up! There is a desktop version of spotify and an app version 🙂 – almost everyone is on spotify now – listening and artists alike – s you’ll find all your fave artists on there 🙂

To try to help others I have Curated some playlists of my own:

Emotional Songs

A song for intense emotional music, with vocals – you can submit your music to this playlist for consideration here: https://soundplate.com/emotional-songs-spotify-playlist-submit-music-here/

Soothing Sounds

A playlist for soothing instrumental and acoustic/ambient music – no vocals unless they are simply backing supportive vocals – you can submit your music to this playlist for consideration here: https://soundplate.com/soothing-sounds-spotify-playlist-submit-music-here/

The Most Intense Focus Edm Music

Only THE most intense driving beats designed to really get you up and dancing! Only EDM genres allowed. Hard driving bass, eurotype hard hitting beats. Music like basshunter, cascada, tiesto, etc. Think 90s music. No chill. You can submit your music to this playlist for consideration here: https://soundplate.com/the-most-intense-focus-edm-music-spotify-playlist-submit-music-here/

Lounge – Modern Electronic Music

Calm soothing electronic – lulling beats, modern sound – this playlist will be turned over frequently once it gets over 100 users to keep turnout fresh. You can submit your music to this playlist for consideration here: https://soundplate.com/lounge-modern-electronic-music-spotify-playlist-submit-music-here/

Submit your songs here to be considered for my other playlists – 3 songs only – any more from any artist will be removed – songs submitted here will be considered for other playlists – just right click and add to playlist after following this playlist – this is a place where I can have people suggest songs for my playlists on sites that don’t allow me to promote the soundplate links – I basically let this built up until it hits 100 songs, filter through all of them, add them to relevant playlists and then clear it – so that they get exposure both in the playlists and on this playlist.

Top 100 Timed Playlist

This is a playlist for all types of music. It is collaborative and once it reaches over 100 top hits it is wiped clean and it starts over again. Max 3 songs per user at a time. Follow the playlist to add to it – songs will be restructured by the order of date they were submitted. It is designed to build followers so that eventually it gets a lot of listeners for songs for short periods of time.

Everything Goes Playlist

Self explanatory – everything goes – just follow it and add up to 3 songs!

I also run some playlists just for fun:

So yeah That’s about it! I also promote on various playlist promoting sites:

Video Game music!

A playlist for all the great music out there from videogames covered and remixed by fans all over the world

So yeah That’s about it! I also promote on various playlist promoting sites:

So yeah! Please help me out! My music is a combination of instrumental, ambient, edm and other genres like industrial etc 🙂

thanks guys!

You can also follow me here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chronamut

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chronamut/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/chronamut

Main Page: ShawnDall.com

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