This world is a mess of movements and sounds, and for some people that is overwhelming. That’s called misokinesia. This is a condition where people experience aversive responses to repetitively presented visual stimuli or movement. Is this a strange feeling for you? Great! Good to know! But did you know that this type of disease isn’t that rare? It’s probably rarely known, and that also becomes a struggle for the patients.

People with misokinesia or misophonia (similar but audio related) have an immense everyday struggle, and I can see that their lives are seriously affected by this kind of disease. And people tend to get isolated because it becomes unbearable for them to listen to or to see things that for you are completely harmless. I care and you should care too.

Why am I making songs about this?

I created this song with a soothing dance in mind, gentle and calming movements to allow for some relaxation moments.

I want to raise awareness about this kind of issues, and from my experience most people tend to run away from reality (isn’t that a mental illness?). It’s too scary to admit that you and/or someone near you has a mental disorder. And as a result patients isolate themselves as a survival instinct. I understand it but I cannot accept that this issue is not taken as seriously as it should. Please seek for help. I am sure someone in your community can help you. Don’t isolate yourself. Speak out.

I am not (as far as I am aware) suffering from misokinesia or misophonia, at least on a pathological level, but this is a subject that I am very interested on, because I can feel that this can be extremely incapacitating. And I just wish that this attempt can make people reflect on their mental health, and on their close ones health.

Your brain is a part of your body, and I dare say it’s one of the most important! Don’t you think so? Take care of it!

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