Probably my most praised release of my music career.
Among the artists and works that inspired me to make this type of music over the years, and especially in this style, is Silent Hill, which has a soundtrack unique in its style, and I wanted to continue listening more, until the franchise stopped having what made it great, so I looked for artists that do something similar. This franchise (and its composer) inspired a lot of people to make their own versions of the genre, however there are few who really manage to make something that has the same philosophy and that gives something new, using new sounds, new melodies, new rhythms, without using those that were already used in the games or soundtracks as they usually do, so this motivated me to make music with this style that I wanted to hear more, show my own version of it and as a homage to the series as well. So began my experimentation and creation of albums that I have done so far since 2012.
I hope people can find in my music the same style that characterized the franchise, and my version of Ambient, TripHop and Industrial music as well, for the people who do not know it and for the ones that wants to hear more. Thank you for the support and messages throughout all this time.

22 July, 2021


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