Zone Out // music for relaxation, reflection, chillout

This is a playlist full of music for relaxation, reflection and to chill out to.

On Land

A soothing duet of e-piano and electric guitar.

Classical // Ambient: Study, Relax, Chillout, Sleep

A playlist of music between classical and ambient to study, relax, chill out or sleep.

Forest Drone

An atmospheric drone.

Soundscapes and Solos // Ambient / Drone / Electronic / Alternative / Relaxation / Chill out / Sleep

This is a selection of soundscapes and solos by different musicians, mostly ambient, drone, chill out, electronic and alternative music for relaxation and sleep.

Darkest Place: Remixed

This is Wolfgang Merx’ remix of Shagreen’s debut EP “Darkest Place” with a sound somewhere between Ambient, Industrial and Dark Wave.

Uneasy Listening: Dark Ambient, Drone, Electronic, Soundscapes, Alternative

This is a selection of dark music: ambient, drone, soundscapes, electronic, alternative and more.