Andrew Krysciak


Trumpet Of Mermaids is a collective project started by Andrew Krysciak in 2018. The music is a collection of stories that have been transformed into colorful arrangements of sound. The music is composed and arranged by Andrew.
Trumpet Of Mermaids style is said to be neofolk meets folk-pop. The sound encapsulates a dramatic universe that reflects of the locations the album is recorded in.
Trumpet Of Mermaids debut EP “Marée Hauteville” was recorded in Andrew’s first tiny apartment in Paris. The word “marée haute” in French, means high tide, and Hauteville being the street where the album was recorded seemed appropriate for the connecting of the two words.
This Fall 2019, Trumpet Of Mermaids will be preparing for their first mini European tour and release of their debut album.
Be sure to follow our project to find out concert dates and the date for our album release.