19 March, 2020 in

A good instrumental CD of smooth jazz tracks featuring piano, electric piano, bass, drums, organ, saxophones, guitar, flute, synth lead and rich pads.

Pretty Melodies

13 January, 2020 in

A mix of mostly instrumental tracks by various artists featuring piano, guitar, saxophone, drums, bass and trumpet.

Smooth Jazz Piano Players

13 February, 2020 in

This is a mix of the best songs from smooth jazz piano players.

Funky Feeling

11 January, 2020 in

This instrumental album by Rod Best is a mixture of smooth jazz, Latin and Easy Listening ballads. It features piano, electric piano, drums, percussion, bass, saxophones, guitars, organ and pads.

Smooth Jazzmaster Piano Players

5 January, 2020 in

A mix of smooth jazz piano instrumentals featuring many of the world’s best smooth jazz piano players.

It’s Getting Hot

5 January, 2020 in

This is an instrumental mix of nice sounding smooth jazz with plenty of groove. The lead instruments featured are a mix of piano, guitars, saxophones, and trumpet.

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