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I am a piano producer / composer / artist and from Sweden. I’ve spent most of my life not composing music, but the last five years have been a revelation. I recently released my 50th production on Spotify and I try to help out other musicians any way I can. Actually I started writing piano-centric pop music a few years back and I’m a competent keyboard player rather than a typical pianist, but I’ve come to write more and more piano music the last two years and that is now my main focus.


My main goal with the music is to reach out to people around the world. I’ve said that if I could touch just one heart with my music, that’s enough. But being able to touch thousands of human hearts is a wonderful thing, and in a way this may change the world to a better place, at least so I belive. Music is part of peoples lives, and people reach out to me and tell me what the music meant for them. And I think there is no more beautiful thing for me as a human, to be able to remedy someones broken soul.


I joined Noise of Dreams to become part of this community, and this altruism that surrounds this community speaks to me. I’m glad to be part of this!


I also run a small operation of managing a piano playlists.


Check out my bio on Spotify or Facebook for details about how I present my music.


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Modern Classical, Piano