Duo Lenz


Classical Guitar Magazine (UK) praises Duo Lenz for their “exciting ensemble playing, dynamic stage presence and an eclecticism which doesn’t preclude a substantial commitment to home-grown music”. Swedish guitar magazine Gitarr ochLuta writes; “One of the most together guitar duos I have ever heard”.

Ruth and Richard Lenz were both well-established musicians before coming together, not only as a professional guitar duo but also as husband and wife. Truly devoted to this musical marriage, they maintain a busy performance schedule. They have been invited to play for many prestigious events and festivals. Together they have made television appearances and receive extensive radio airplay.

Duo Lenz have been praised for their exciting, specially tailored programs. Original compositions are a central feature of their broad repertoire, and many distinguished composers have been inspired by the duo’s close ensemble playing to write new works for them. It is because of this passion for the guitar and its ever-expanding music literature that the Duo Lenz have established themselves as one of Australia’s leading classical guitar duos, admired unanimously by press and audiences alike.