I Fight (Adagio)

Dear colleagues, I am pleased to share the absolute premiere of “I FIGHT-ADAGIO”, with NOISEOFDREAMS, who has been the arranger and studio producer.It is very exciting.Look, this new work I start a series of works for piano – orchestra and other instruments.
He has bee,n so careful and professional that the result is great,stunning and perfect. I encourage you to share,follow the playlists in #spotify where it appears, and to enjoy it. This one has been composed about the original one for piano soo that has been reeased last december , but it is original,new tempo, new structure, for piano, orchestra and oboe solo
Enjoy it, thanks for your support and for sharing.

More news coming soon. Thanks RaΓΊl Sanz, a pleasure and an honor.

Thank you for your support

INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC at Late Night the best..by Paz del Castillo

Brand new seected music for that special moment of the day, great composers and preformerns

Coffe hour Music at home…the best

This is my new playlist at #spotify with a selection of best quality music for you, a classic, beautiful soundtracks, new composers and modern ones, song writers and piano music, according with coffetime .I really love, it! I ‘ve spent this afternoon listening and discovering, enjoying my favourite artists and dreaming with the music:
Please feel free to submit here or through #noiseofdreams plattform

Mainly Piano.The Best

Mainly Piano,the Best of …..An instrumental and piano playlist for you, selected for the new listeners and piano lovers who want to listen piano music composed by a selection of best composers of these years

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