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Oli Jogvansson




My name is Oli Jogvansson, born in 1969, a Faroese composer based in the Faroe Islands. I’m best known for writing music for different international record labels such as Walt Disney Records, Sony, Universal Music and Avex Group. The biggest release so far has been co-writing the theme song “Better in Stereo” for Disney hit series Liv&Maddie. “Better in Stereo” was released as a single performed by Dove Cameron who plays the main character in the series. The song became an international hit, was number one on the Billboard Children’s Charts 4 weeks in a row, and topped the iTunes soundtrack charts around the globe for weeks. The YouTube video of the song has gained more than 79 million views to date.

Other songs I have co-written include, “Future Sounds Like Us” featured in Disney series “Shake it Up”, and 3 singles “The Girl I Used to Know”, “I Don’t Wanna let Go” and “FYI” for American actress/singer Stefanie Scott. I also contributed to the song “IT” featured on Japanese superstar Namie Amuro’s album “GENIC” released in 2015. The album was number one on the Japanese Billboard Chart and number two on the Album World Chart behind Muse.

Over the years, I have written quite a few instrumental pieces. The piece’s melody often have one of two qualities, being either emotional/melancholic, or visual as you can imagine a landscape scenery by listening. Voyage is my first release as an artist, and contains 12 orchestral pieces performed by three European orchestra’s. Eight pieces by “Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra”, three by “Brandenburgisches Staatsorchester Frankfurt”, and one by “Budapest Scoring Orchestra”. The project included working with various experienced people within the music industry to keep the standard of the music as high as possible. The collaboration spans from Italy, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Denmark, and the Faroe Islands.