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Beautiful Jazz

Collaboration Between Gary B & Ramón Sanz


Ramón Sanz Release

Carried on Wings

Collaboration Between JÜrg Kindle & Noise of Dreams

It Feels Like Summer

Collaboration Between Gary B & Ramón Sanz

Flow with It

Collaboration between Gary B & Ramón Sanz


Noise of Dreams

Let´s go

Ramón Sanz Release

Laissez Faire

Noise of Dreams Composition


Noise of Dreams Composition

Collaborating with Noise of Dreams

Noise of Dreams is not only a unusual and selfless platform with the highest goal , to serve the art and not the money. It also is a reliable partner for musical projects. With our first collaboration “Carried on Wings” we were able to combine contemporary classical guitar with epic ambient soundscapes. There are so many subscribers to Noise of Dreams with excellent artistry, and inexhaustible wealth of possibilities to create music together. Let’s connect each other through Noise of Dreams and enrich the world of the streaming services.

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Dreams and Lies

Los Angeles rock artist John DeMena returns with his newest album Dreams and Lies. The eight–track release is a compelling piece of music featuring some of L.A. top studio musicians in an amalgam of stadium rock riffs, anthemic choruses, and haunting vocals that will resonate with both fans of modern and classic rock. Dreams and Lies tackles a unique side of rock, giving it a grandiose yet intimate taste. This is a collection of songs that grab the listener from the off via the stunning songwriting and masterful performance. Roaring guitars, intoxicating vocals, epic solos, hypnotic bass lines, and ethereal arrangements together with John’s honest and wonderfully atmospheric lyricism all permeate an album that captivates the listener from the first listen and beyond. John DeMena is an artist to be reckoned with and Dreams and Lies is an album that will capture the zeitgeist of the rock community and will undoubtedly establish him as one of the artists to watch in 2020.

About John DeMena

John DeMena is an Spanish-American artist who has worked with Grammy-winning musicians and producers of Metallica, Aerosmith, Soundgarden, Alice Cooper, Jane’s Addiction, John Fogerty, Steve Vai, Paul Anka, etc. Born and raised in Spain, he started playing guitar at a young age and played in several bands during his high school years, which led him to extensive touring all over Europe sharing stages with some of rock’s bigger names. In 2008, he relocated to Los Angeles, where he began the new chapter in his musical career working with some of the greatest names in the industry and launching his career as solo artist. Inspired by inner curiosity, social issues, and a drive to push creative boundaries, John DeMena is here to give audiences a new taste of rock, and inspire those around the globe with his music. John DeMena is an artist to keep an eye on and ear out for as he has arrived to cement himself in the industry.


Produced by John DeMena and mastered by Dave Collins (Metallica)

Drums: Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper)

Bass: Grammy-winner Pete Griffin (Steve Vai)

Keyboards: Matt Rohde (Jane’s Addiction)

Album artwork by renowned German painter Michael Hutter

Spanish &Latin Guitar

Jürg Kindle has been a well known name in the guitar scene for decades. As a composer he has composed hundreds of works, from solo guitar works to chamber music with guitar to commissioned works for large guitar and mandolin orchestras. His compositions are performed worldwide and can already be seen on over 200 youtube videos. As an arranger, he has not skipped any style of music.

His spectacular album of orchestral works by Antonio Vivaldi with guitar quintet was celebrated worldwide. As an interpreter of his own guitar works, he has reached half a million streams on Spotify within six months. With his latest album “Spanish & Latin Guitar” Jürg Kindle has drawn a wonderful panorama with original works from Spain, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil.

Among them is the highly emotional “Milonga del Angel” by Astor Piazzolla (1921-1991), the king of Tango nuevo or Julia Florida of the Paraguayan Indian chief and Chopin worshiper Augustin Barrios Mangore (1885-1944).

Kindle has given some original works a new timbre. So he interpreted the famous Milonga by Jorge Cardoso as a duo with steel string guitars and in the repetition, the themes are counterpointed by two mandolins. The famous Mexican folk song la bamba has been reworked into a solo piece by Jürg Kindle.

In addition, Caribbean rhythms are played on the guitar body. “Danza de la paloma enamorada” (Dance of the Doves in love) by Argentinian poet and guitarist Atahualpa Yupanqui (1908-1992) is a wonderful piece. The cooing and dancing of the doves is musically implemented by means of arpeggios and glissandos.

“Mallorca” by Spanish national composer Isaac Albéniz is an epic piece of almost 8 minutes in length. Originally it was composed for piano. Like many piano works by Albéniz, including the famous “Asturias”, “Mallorca” also became famous on the guitar. When Francisco Tarrega had played his guitar arrangements to the composer, Albéniz replied that he had exactly the sound of the guitar in his ear when composing the works.

“Nevando Está” The first snow, is originally a Bolivian folk song. It was arranged in the present version by the Argentine composer and senior guitarist Eduardo Falu and thus became famous in the guitar literature.

Manuel Ponce, the Mexican national composer (1882-1942) has two works on the album, “Scherzino Mexicano” and “Por Ti Mi Corazon”. Both pieces are adaptations of Mexican folk songs.

In homage to the great Brazilian father of bossa nova, Baden Powell, Jürg Kindle recorded the Brazilian portrait “Retrato Brasileiro”.

The album captivates with its variety of musical richness. Kindle uses guitars with cedar and spruce top and also steel string guitar and mandolin. The interpretations captivate with virtuosity on the one hand and the richness of sound colors on the other hand. In the 600 years of guitar repertoire, the romantic pieces from Spain and Latin America play a central role for Kindle. so this is always clearly heard in his compositions.


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