Anna Sutyagina


Anna Sutyagina is a concert pianist and Artistic Director of a popular Internet platform for new piano music “Moving Classics TV”

Dreaming and exploring something new are the leitmotifs of the artistic work of Anna Sutyagina. Influenced by the traditional education of the Russian music school, the pianist opened early for new developments in order to give more space to the imagination in her play. In the Munich Salon, which she founded, she combined music and literature in theatrical form and interpreted the works and artistic influences of strong women such as Sappho, Lou Salomé, George Sand, Martha Gellhorn, Kathi Kobus, Madame Pompadour or Anais Nin. Early on she started to experiment with music and light and worked together with lighting designers on a concert performance titled “Concerti Illumini”. She produced and directed several music videos of famous piano pieces.

For three years Anna Sutyagina’s great passion has been recording works by contemporary composers. She is personally connected with a large number of composers worldwide, including some of today’s leading composers. Every day she receives more and more inquiries from composers from all over the world asking her to record their works.
Born in Russia, the pianist has been living and working in Munich since 2005.