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Michael Ferentino




Bedtime For Robots:

Music and multimedia from the dark depths of space…


Morphing from the remnants of the Warner/Reprise space rock trio: Love In Reverse, Michael Ferentino, the band’s prolific singer/songwriter, abandoned both singing and traditional song-writing structures to explore the outer limits of electronic music.

Bedtime For Robots arrived on the underground electronic music scene in 2006 with its tenebrous & ambient space-rock-meets-post-prog-horror sound, which soon caught the attention of Internet radio outfit, DOOMED (of the Soma FM electronic music radio collective), as well as Fangoria’s online magazine and a host of underground internet radio stations across the globe. Ferentino’s sonic explorations, influenced by the classic horror films he grew up on, as well as late ’60s/early ’70s space music artists Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze, began to proliferate exponentially.  While the scope of Bedtime For Robots’ music expanded over the next decade, Ferentino, assiduously explored, investigated, experimented and altered.

Flash back to 2001: Ferentino co-produced and recorded much of the soundtrack to the indie cult film (prophetically depicting teenage gun violence) “A Better Place”, starring Eion Bailey and produced by Kevin Smith of Jay and Silent Bob fame.  Simultaneously, Ferentino was creating the first of several Bedtime For Robots albums, experimenting with film (in his own singular manner), and collaborating with various artists and producers, including Miles Hunt of the UK’s Wonder Stuff and Grammy award winners Russ Titelman and Jason Corsaro.

By the mid-teens of the new millenium, Bedtime For Robots evolved into a multimedia entity, creating sci-fi-infused, atmospheric and infectious groove-laden albums, including Witch Hammer Redux, Music From An Undisclosed Location, Big Sleep-Little Death and the 2017 double album and experimental film Filthy Gods In The Age Of Exquisite Machines.

The latest single from the band is a collaboration with Ferentino’s reunited Love In Reverse: a psychedelic/electronic homage to Pink Floyd’s 1968 classic “Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun”, which has, lately, been getting attention through a host of electronic-music specialty shows and social media groups.

The music of Bedtime for Robots has, most recently, been featured on several compilation albums and playlists as well as on Italy’s “Unexplained Sounds” and the U.K.’s “New Weird Planet” broadcasts.


Bedtime For Robots is currently back in the studio creating and looking forward to sharing its brave new vision of psychedelic-ambient space-rock-meets-industrial post-prog sonic-horror.  A series of short films will support and intertwine with this strange and exciting impending foray into the nadirs of human (and inhuman) experience and excursion, as Bedtime For Robots sets its sights on the impending future …and fires itself, headlong, into said.



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