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Martin Braekau




Martin Braekau is a versatile german musician, composer and producer of both symphonic and electronic musical worlds with focus on cinematic styles and ambient compositions.

Born in 1991 and raised in south germany where he was involved in classical music from an early age by taking classical guitar lessons. fascinated by music composition and production, he wrote his first songs and pieces at the age of 14, while immersing himself into audio production softwares and music programming.

Being drawn also in modern rock music he founded two rock bands with his friends, Mads 77 and For Alpha & Omega, where he plays lead guitar and serves as main songwriter and producer.

Mainly inspired by modern classicals and film scores, he focuses more on composing his own instrumental music and expanding his musical skills by teaching himself drums and piano.

In 2019 he released his first instrumental song “Lifeline” for the band ‘For Alpha & Omega’. Later that year he startet out as a solo musician for his passion in symphonic/electronic Instrumentals and Contemporary Classical Music.


Playlist Genres

Ambient, Cinematic, Instrumental