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Marco Varvello




Hi, i’m a multi-instrumentalist, composer and record producer based in Torino, Italy.
I professionally play piano, accordion and bass, compose for films and produce my own works and artists like The Yellow Dust, Karenza, The James Caruso Orkestar among others.
I collaborate with Paolo Perotti and Davide Donvito at Audionauta/magma Studios, Torino Docks Dora.

I’ve been playing music for 30 years now, my path went through folk and world music (accordion), jazz, reggae music (piano), rock, blues, funk music (el. bass). I had a Master degree in Multimedia Technician at APM School (Saluzzo-CN) and in Film Music Composition (Pesaro, with Oscar Prize Winner Louis Bacalov).
Lately i’m specializing in piano solo songs, as well as nu jazz and electronics with the project The Yellow Dust.
I’m recording lots of acoustic intruments, as a Grand Schiedmayer piano, vintage Dallapé accordions, vintage Gretsch guitars, tube amps, analog desk etc..
What i provide is a full process of creating-writing-recording-producing music, expecially acoustic instruments, but also synths and beats. I can arrange for strings and full orchestra using virtuals as well as hiring musicians and record them.

Mahout, The Yellow Dust, Cantovivo, Jambalaya37, Reinier Voet, Orchestra Coco’, Karenza, MrBrown, Pellicans, La Chatte Noire, Cloroformio, Fratelli Calypso, 20 Strings, Bruskoj Prala, Moondrift

Schiedmayer G.Piano (1920s), Dallapé accordions (1950s), Wurlitzer 200A (70s), Grestch el guitar (40s), Favino guitar (50s), Double Bass, Fender Twin (70s), Ampeg b25 (60s). Aurora Linx,API 512, Golden Age, Rol.Space Echo, Sony MXP 2000, Royer 121