The Piano Player


The Piano Player (Enzo Orefice) was born in Naples in 1972 and since he was a child he started studying piano under the guidance of his mother, pianist and music teacher. Towards adolescence he began a serious study, aimed at achieving the Piano Diploma, a goal he achieved in 1994 at the “D. Cimarosa ”of Avellino, under the guidance of Maestro Nicola Setaro.
Two years later he attended an annual jazz music course in Siena and studied with: Enrico PIERANUNZI, Mauro GROSSI and Paolino DALLA PORTA, then he graduated in “Jazz Music” and in “Music Education” at the State Music Conservatory of Benevento where he studies with Piero LEVERATTO and Ettore FIORAVANTI. In recent years he has collaborated with jazz musicians such as: Ada MONTELLANICO, Piero LEVERATTO, Maurizio GIAMMARCO, Ettore FIORAVANTI, Stefano CANTINI, Antonio ONORATO, Marco ZURZOLO, Jerry POPOLO, Harold BRADLEY, Aldo FARIAS, Claudia MARSS, Antonio GOLINO, Cheryl NICKERSON and many other musicians belonging to the jazz sphere.
He also collaborates with international actors such as Michele PLACIDO, Segio RUBINI, Alessandro HABER, Enzo MOSCATO, Paila PAVESE, Norma MARTELLI, Nando GAZZOLO. In recent years, Orefice has participated in numerous television programs both on RAI networks (Notte di Stelle – August 1999), (Un volto per Fotomodella – September 2000) and FININVEST (La Domenica del Villaggio – December 1999), and also records for RAI-SAT and boasts a conspicuous concert activity throughout Italy.
Some Musical Reviews in which Orefice participates in these years: Istituzione Cultura Capri (NA); Villa Celimontana Jazz Festival (RM); Teatro delle Muse (AN); Benevento Città Spettacolo (BN); PAVIA JAZZ CLUB (PV), Teatro S. Gallo di Loreto (AN); Natale Musicafestival (AQ); Moncalieri Jazz Festival (TO); Ariano Jazz Festival (AV); Festival Contact Sounds (AV); Toquinho Toro Festival (CB); Four nights and more of Full Moon (BN); Literary Festival Le Voci della luna (BO); Concert Season 07/08 Desenzano sul Garda (BS); Festival of the Molise Region (CB); Global Rhythms (TR); Capua Jazz Festival (CE); Literary Festival Invitation to Reading (RM); Literary Park (AV); XIV Musical Season Agimus Mola of Bari (BA); Municipal Theater (BN); International Music Festival “Giornate Musicali” (RM); Creative Orizzonti Festival (AV); University of Basilicata Musica (PZ); Baronissi Jazz Festival (SA); Accademia Murgantina (BN); Classical at the Forte (LI); Wine & Music Festival (PE); Pompei Jazz Festival (NA); Music Festivals in Abruzzo (AQ); Laurino Jazz Festival (SA); International Festival “Amici del Quartetto” (GR); ClassicAriano (AV); Teatro Verdi (SA); Amici della Musica di Ragusa, XXXI Concert Season (RA); Festival 50 ANOS DA BOSSA NOVA (MC); Sorrento Jazz Festival (NA); Circolo Filarmonico Astigiano (AS); Black In Time (BN); Concerti Aperitivo del Carlino (AN); Ispani Jazz Festival (SA); Athenaum Musicale Barletta (BA); Sacra Musa-Jesi Festival – (AN); Villa Guariglia Jazz Festival (SA); Oktober Jazz (BN), etc.Enzo Orefice is one of the founding members and Artistic Director of the CREAmusicaedeventi Association (Nusco, AV) and is the creator of the summer festival “… between classical music and jazz music …” now in its third edition, of the “914 slm” winter festival, now in its second year edition, and the “JAZZIRPINIAfestival” festival at the first edition.He is a piano teacher, also performs other musical activities and also online teaching, he is the curator of the arrangement section on the Jazzitalia website and also original pieces and piano transcriptions by Enzo OREFICE are published on the Edumus website.
PENTATONICS FOR PIANO – exercises for the modern pianist (Gianlcarlo Zedde editor)4/4 & FRIENDS – 25 simple compositions in C major in various musical times (Casa Musicale Eco Edizioni)MY FIRST ALTERATIONS – 15 simple piano compositions in all major tones (Ars Publica Edizioni)
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