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With the release of his first solo track I’m Losing Myself in January of 2019, upcoming artist Kairozmusic introduced himself to the Dutch house scene with an instant house banger. His first solo track would find its way to a broad audience, with almost 100K streams generated in just over 4 months. 


Like many artists, he started producing music from a young age. In his early days Kairozmusic was mainly active as a producer in the Dutch urban, dancehall, hip hop and R&B scene. In 2006, his outstanding work as a hip hop producer brought him into the finales of the Dutch “Grote Prijs van Nederland”-award, a well known and respected award show for talented, upcoming artists. After participating in the finals of that prestigious award, he took a break from the scene. 


After a decade long break, he re-discovered his love for music and he returned to the music scene as a reborn artist, who was now covering a broader range of music styles.


And he has much more in store for his audience. His second solo track has a different, more groovy sound compared to his debut track. His third release is a pop dancetrack. And that’s exactly what we can expect from this artist: his productions will always have a different sound from each other, for the simple reason that his work is a true reflection of his emotions. So be ready for more catchy, melodic and unique sounds from this artist in the coming months, because he just got started…



By J. Gerbrands