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My original works tell stories and conjure memories. I combine classical training and performance with modern soundscapes including the occasional use of synths resulting in a blend of Eastern-Western techniques. I play with both acoustic and electronic soundscapes, but my ear dictates melodic sentiments.  I was born in the USA and am second generation Taiwanese. A Harvard graduate in both Music and East Asian Languages and Civilizations, I was a violinist but switched to composing and producing recently because of ongoing health problems and injuries. After many years of misdiagnoses, I was finally diagnosed with two brain tumors last year, the larger an acoustic neuroma-type, growing on my balance/hearing nerve in the inner auditory canal. With surgery I was told by my first surgeon that I had a 50% chance to lose hearing in my left ear and that my balance would likely never be normal again. I went to another surgeon who had training in endoscopic, more minimally-invasive techniques for challenging skull-base cases and luckily my hearing remained after the November ’19 surgery. I’m glad that I can still share my music.. I consider myself more of a musician than a pianist having spent more time growing up playing violin. I am glad I did take a couple years of piano which has really helped me in my music creations. The piano, being one of the most prevalent instruments in so many cultures, is the one I run to now to figure out melodies and improvisations. I look at an older instrument with its well-worn veneer and scratches and imagine the kind of stories it has told through the hands of generations past…I am humbled and inspired..


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Acoustic, Ambient, Chill, Cinematic, Easy Listening, Electronic, Instrumental, Modern Classical, New Age, Piano

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