“If you throw catchy melodies, punchy drums, 4 chords and a big dash of Punk Rock in a blender, you get a nice smoothie called Something Me.”

Growing up in the small town of Inndyr, Norway with less than 1,000 people Alexander Andreassen, a.k.a Something Me was drawn to music at early age. Raised up on punk and rock, his father taught him 4 chords on the guitar and told him that he only need those chords to write good songs. Something Me might have learned a few more chords over the years, but he rarely uses more than 4 chords in his songs.

Something Me has cut the chains to all middlemen in the so called “Music In-duh-stry”, so there is no one standing between him and his followers. That’s what he love about being a musician today. He can release his own music by himself on his terms and do things the way he want and when he want.

According to his own saying Something Me make music for those who struggle but still believe, so that we can show the world that if life spits in our face and knock us down, we will always rise up again’